We hope you have enjoyed watching this educational production, that it has been useful and prompted your thinking further about how you can make a difference for people that use mental health services.

  • Use the videos as educational tools
  • Reflect on your own experience or your clinical practice
  • What can you do to make things better?
  • More work needs to be done on implementation.
  • We need help from people who use services and clinicians to take the work forward
  • There will be ongoing work to see how ACDs will work in practice
  • It is important that ACDs are used widely including general practitioners, ambulance services and staff in A&E.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, please do contact us using the MS Forms link below or scan the QR code:

Click for Project Feedback Form

QR code for feedback form

We will not be able to offer you a response but will be very interested in your thoughts as this can help us in the implementation and development process going forward.


This educational resource has been co-produced with the South London and Maudsley Recovery College, people who use services, clinicians, idependent mental health advocates, chaplains and researchers

  • In the videos, actors took on the role of people who use services
  • All names and clinical scenarios were developed for this resource and are not based on real situations

Our thanks go to the many stakeholders who helped in the production including:

  • Health Education England who provided the funding
  • SLaM Recovery College Peer Training Team
  • The Trust Learning & Development Digital Learning Team
  • SLAM Mental Health Law Project Manager
  • IMHAs from Croydon MIND and Community Support Network
  • SLaM Chaplaincy Service
  • SLaM Clinical Staff
  • Actors from the Baked Bean Company and Active Image Roleplay