Listen to Lade

Recommendation 101 of the MH Bill states that “Safeguards should be created so that patients are able to continue religious or spiritual practices while detained in hospital. These should prevent the use of restrictive practices that limit a person's access to religious observance”

In this module we hear from the Trust’s Head of Chaplaincy, how the Chaplaincy team can support people when in hospital.

Trust chaplains play an important role supporting people who use our services. They:

  • Take a holistic approach
  • Provide support with pastoral, spiritual and religious beliefs
  • Can support people of all faiths
  • Give a listening ear to support people on their journey through care and treatment
  • Chaplains have time to provide support which releases clinical staff time
  • Chaplains can listen and share the voice of patients with clinicians

In this video, the Head of Chaplaincy explains how chaplaincy services can support patients.